SmartNoise Early Adopter Acceleration Program

We are introducing the SmartNoise Early Adopter Acceleration Program. A collaboration program with the SmartNoise team to accelerate the adoption of differential privacy in solutions that open data and insights to benefit society.

Data not only drives our modern world; it also bears enormous potential. Data is necessary to shape creative solutions to critical challenges facing society including climate change, education, income and racial inequality, and COVID-19. Differential privacy provides a way to analyze data and unlock its potential while not risking the privacy of individuals included in the data.

Microsoft and the Open DP Initiative led by Harvard IQSS and SEAS have developed SmartNoise, a first-of-its-kind open-source platform for differential privacy. SmartNoise allows organizations to incorporate differential privacy without the need to build your own differential privacy algorithms, libraries, or platform.

We seek to collaborate with teams who have identified a problem where utilizing differential privacy will unlock data or insights to benefit society. And where collaboration from our SmartNoise team will help accelerate this effort.

Selected teams can engage with technical and conceptual considerations incorporating SmartNoise and differential privacy into their project. These collaboration activities are:

  • SmartNoise and OpenDP technical assistance and guidance
  • Differential privacy methodology reviews
  • Guidance and feedback on privacy budgets, setting parameters, and managing epsilon
  • Design and architecture reviews and consultation

Applicant teams are responsible for their solution development and should have the following resources and qualifications:

  • Software Development resources and expertise to implement and build their proposed project
  • A Project Manager who can help facilitate engagement between organizations
  • Expertise in data science and familiarity with the basics of differential privacy

Projects are expected to begin in March 2021 and complete within 6 months. Our goal is a focused effort to accelerate differential privacy solutions in practice using SmartNoise and OpenDP. We do not offer financial support.

We will accept applications through March 1st, 2021. Selected applicants will be notified by April 1st, 2021.

To apply, you must submit the form below along with a description, no longer than three pages, of your project which covers the following areas. Do not include any proprietary information in proposals. It is expected that selected teams will publish their work and results openly.

1. Problem Definition

Describe your project goal and how incorporating differential privacy into your project will allow you to achieve new insights while protecting privacy.

  • What problem does the project seek to address?
  • What pain points or gaps are you addressing?
  • What issues exist with current approaches to the problem that fall short?
  • What data will be used in your project? Describe the type and size of the data needed.
  • Describe the data use permissions you have on the data and to share/publish differentially private insights and datasets?

2. Impact on Society

Describe how your project can impact society by opening data or new insights not currently available by leveraging differential privacy.

  • How will the results of your project impact society?
  • What new data or insights will be available from your project that impact social good?
  • Which organizations do you believe will use and leverage the results of your project to improve society?

3. Team Composition and Preparedness

Summarize your team's qualifications and readiness to execute the project leveraging differential privacy.

  • Describe the software development, data science, and privacy/security technology resources, expertise, and experience of the team.
  • Describe when the team is available to work on the project.
  • List the individuals and their backgrounds who are part of the project team.
  • Are there any additional references you would like to provide (e.g. Papers, Videos, Web pages, etc.)?

Please Note: All information submitted will only be used to determine which applicants are selected in the program and to manage the program. Please do not disclose any proprietary details in your application submission.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

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